New York’s 19th Congressional District has always been a popular retreat for people from more crowded areas, particularly downstate. It is estimated that there are currently 25,000 to 30,000 people who own or rent second homes in the district, but are not registered to vote here. Most of these people are from blue cities where their Democratic votes aren’t really needed. But encouraging even a fraction of those people to change their voter registration to their upstate homes could pay huge dividends here in the 19th, where state and local races can come down to the difference of a handful of votes.

Can I vote in the district of my second home?

YES! As a New Yorker, you can register and vote at any address you can claim as a home. Whether you spend the majority of your time there, or are only there on weekends in the summer, if it’s your home, you can register to vote with the address.

Can I register to vote in NY19 if I’m renting a home in the district?

YES! Whether you own a home or rent a home in NY19, if you use a property as a home, you can register to vote at that address.

How do I change my registration from the City to the country?

Use this registration form: http://www.elections.ny.gov/NYSBOE/download/voting/voteform.pdf

Since you are re-registering within New York State, the City Board of Elections should be notified automatically, and you should receive notification that you’re no longer registered in the city.

My driver’s license will still have my city address. Don’t I have to vote at the address where my driver’s license was obtained?

Your driver’s license has nothing to do with where you vote. When you are registered upstate, your name is accessed from the Board of Elections for absentee ballot, and your name will be automatically be on the list at the polls if you vote in person. The DMV website has lots of great resources to help people vote — but do not confuse your driver’s license address with the address the Board of Elections keeps for voting.

If I change my registration to the country, will I be able to vote by absentee ballot if I’m in the City on Election Day?

YES! You can download an absentee ballot form here, or contact us and we’ll get an absentee ballot to you.  We can also remind you of important local election dates. https://www.elections.ny.gov/NYSBOE/download/voting/Absentee06152010.pdf

What if I have trouble registering or voting? Do you have statutory and case citations?

Remember the law is on your side. Please contact us if you come across an official who doesn’t seem to be playing by the rules. Legal sources are available.Write to hvanetwork@gmail.com if you require them.



Neighbor to Neighbor Canvassing 
If you can’t make it out to the event dates, or if you can’t make it to one of the locations, canvass in your own neighborhood! Use our Voter Registration Electronic Kit to register your friends and neighbors.



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