After a year of moving goalposts, we have reached the final deadline — January 17th — to pass the Freedom to Vote Act (unpacked for you here by Marc Elias). We have 50 GOP Senators who refuse to support voting rights, and two Dem Senators who support the bill but reluctant to support Senate reforms allowing the bill to pass with a simple majority (as they did to raise the debt ceiling). We have a week to stop voter suppression and prevent voter subversion by state legislatures in upcoming elections.

Send An Urgent Message to Pres. Biden  
Leave a message thanking him for his powerful words on January 6th, and urge him to do whatever is necessary to help pass the Freedom to Vote Act on January 17th. 
White House Comment Line 202-456-1111  | TTY/TTD 202-456-6213

Make Calls to Arizona Constituents of Sen. Sinema 
and patch them thru to Sinema’s office, urging her to do whatever necessary to pass the Freedom to Vote Act. The weight of history rests of her shoulders. 
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Watch Pres. Biden’s full speech here:

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