Background:  President Biden and the Democrats are committed to delivering for the American people (see Build Back Better Agenda)…they are working to “expand social and environmental programs by extending the reach of education and health care, taxing the rich and tackling the warming of the planet.” (see NYT Dems Rollout $3.5T Budget).  With no help from the GOP, the Democrats will use the Budget reconciliation process, which only requires 51 votes to pass this legislation. Join this week’s nationwide campaign calling key Senators.

Call or Write Senator Schumer (202) 224-6542

Hello, This is [your name] calling from [town, zip]. I am calling to ask Senator Schumer to support President Biden’s plan to make about $4 trillion in new investments and to raise the funds by making corporations and the wealthy start paying their fair share of taxes. It is critical for Senator Schumer to pull together support for this agenda under budget reconciliation.  The time is now to invest in our country to create good paying jobs, make healthcare, childcare, and college more affordable, create a green energy economy, and so much more.

Then, join the Senate tweetstorm July 21st at 1pm EDT using the hashtag #RewardWorkNotWealth
(Sample Tweets and Graphics)

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