Please call Rep. Delgado in support of the American Jobs Plan–President Biden’s broad agenda to make our economy work for all Americans–and to also fight the Republican narrative of the American Jobs Plan being a “tax hike” (Rep’s are Posturing without a Purpose). Let him know we support the goals of this plan and, very importantly, that we support its funding source: restoring the taxes on corporate and very wealthy Americans.

Rep Delgado:  Phone: 202-225-5614; Email

“Hi, my name is ______, and I’m a constituent of Congressman Delgado’s from [town, county]. I want to thank him for his vigorous support of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Now, I’m calling to urge him to work equally hard to support the American Jobs Plan.

It’s time to rebuild our infrastructure and our middle class without borrowing more and more trillions, so I’m particularly passionate about the tax changes in the plan that are needed to pay for this rebuilding.

[Choose any below]
    • Tax cuts from the last administration should be reversed. Instead of giving away $200B each year primarily to corporations & billionaires, invest in rebuilding our communities.
    •  I’m so encouraged that the administration has taken a wide view to rebuilding, not just infrastructure like roads & bridges, but water systems to avoid another Flint, power to avoid another Texas, and broadband for rural communities like mine. I support all the revenue raisers in the plan including closing tax loopholes and having corporations pay their fair share.
    • We can’t wait while our existing infrastructure continues to crumble in the face of accelerating climate change, or our middle class continues to decay.  The American Jobs Act makes a strong start to rebuilding and reversing these trends, and does so responsibly by making corporations pay their fair share.

With the  American Jobs Plan we can start building a more prosperous, sustainable future for our country, today.  I urge Congressman Delgado to voice his support for them.  Thank you.

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