We have all seen too much with the Derek Chauvin trial currently underway and the continued loss of Black lives at the hands of law enforcement. 

Please make this call to Sen. Schumer. Feel free to share the names of those lost when you call.  Phone (202) 224-6542; Email here

Hi, My name is [name].  I am from [town, zip].
I am urging Senator Schumer to take action to put an end to the Black lives tragically being lost at the hands of law enforcement.  I agree with President Biden that the priority is to pass into law the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021 (HR 1280).  I ask Senator Schumer to find a way past GOP obstruction [and speak out for changes to the filibuster], and to take immediate steps to pass this legislation. This will be a crucial step towards increasing accountability and reforming police agencies across the nation. 
I thank the Senator for his support on these issues and look forward to seeing progress.  Thank you for your time.

HR1280 passed the house bill in March with a 220 to 212 vote, Congressman Delgado was a cosponsor. Read a summary of the bill here. As you all know everything is stuck in the Senate because of the filibuster, led by McConnell who will hold all Republicans together to block everything.  In our last update from Senator Schumer, he said he is waiting for the point to bring legislation to the floor to force Senators to vote, something McConnell had protected them from.  It is both an important time to demand action on this topic – the trial, the stream of deaths, and President Biden’s recent direction (Biden administration drops plans for police oversight, citing George Floyd bill),  but it is important to keep pressing Schumer not to be held hostage from GOP obstruction.

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