House Democrats have been passing a slew of pro-democracy and public safety legislation. Now we need the Senate to act and make these bills the law of the land, even it means changing the filibuster.  Pres. Biden is ready to sign them.


Senate Majority Leader Schumer – Phone (202) 224-6542; Email here
Senator Gillibrand – Phone (202) 224-4451; Email here
Hi this is [name], from [town, zipcode]
I am calling Senator [Schumer/Gillibrand ] to urge him/her to find a way past GOP obstruction on the important legislation in front of the Senate — even if it requires changes to the Senate rules or the Filibuster.  Legislation like [choose one or more]:
  • For the People Act (S1) and The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (HR4) are too important to our working democracy.  Given what we have seen in Georgia and other states, it is time to pass legislation to stop voter suppression.
  • For the People Act (S1) is too important to our working democracy.  It is time to get Dark Money out of politics.
  • H.R. 8, the Background Checks Act of 2021 and H.R. 1446, the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021 is too important to our communities.  Closing loopholes in background checks is a necessary reform we must make to protect Americans from the rampant gun violence devastating our country.
  • H.R. 6, the Dream and Promise Act of 2021. It is time we permanently protected our DACA and TPS recipients
  • H.R. 1620, the Violence Against Women Act, to reauthorize funding for crucial programs protecting people from domestic violence. 
  • HR 1280, the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021. Congress must take immediate steps to increase accountability and reform police agencies across the nation, and this package of necessary limits and programs will go a long way.
I thank the Senator for his/her support on this/these issue(s) and look forward to seeing progress.  Thank you for your time.

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