Call Sens. Schumer & Gillibrand and urge them to not water down the Pres. Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

When Congress finally passed a long-overdue relief bill in December, we knew it was inadequate and that we needed to immediately demand more action to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis. Fortunately President Biden has announced his American Rescue Plan, which represents a strong start towards finally taking these twin crises seriously. Congress now has the opportunity to build on that plan and pass the type of bold, transformative package we know this moment demands.

Specifically, the plan being discussed by Congress needs these four, meaningful improvements:

  1. Include Joe Biden’s promise to start increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour,
  2. Expand health care access for the uninsured or unemployed through an emergency public plan,
  3. Treat immigrants and their families with dignity by ensuring they have access to all benefits under the bill
  4. Increase the financial aid to state and local governments on the front lines of combatting the pandemic and delivering public services; and
  5. Provide robust direct cash assistance in the form of survival checks to help families meet their basic needs and weather this emergency.

We also need to prevent any harmful tradeoffs that Republicans may try to insist on (and make sure that Democrats don’t give in to that pressure). This is an emergency, and making these kinds of bold investments is how we actually confront that head on. While Republicans, in both the House and Senate, are already airing their complaints about how further relief is not necessary, House Democrats have the ability to ignore those bad-faith arguments and pass a bold relief package to send to the Senate. Then, they must hold the line on these crucial provisions and not allow Senators to chip away at this bill with needless and harmful concessions.

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