RESOLVED:  In 2021, we will pass the For the People Act (HR1/S1) and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act (HR4)

The For the People Act is plausibly the most important legislation considered by Congress in decades. It would change the basic structure of U.S. politics, making it far more small-d democratic. The bill makes illegal essentially all of the anti-enfranchisement tactics perfected by the right over the past decades. It then creates a new infrastructure to permanently bolster the influence of regular people.

The bill’s provisions largely fall into three categories: First, it makes it far easier to vote, both by eliminating barriers and enhancing basic outreach to citizens. Second, it makes everyone’s vote count more equally, especially by reducing gerrymandering. Third, it hugely amplifies the power of small political donors, allowing them to match and possibly swamp the power of big money.[1]

The John Lewis Voting Rights Act of 2021 aims to restore Federal jurisdiction over states with a history of voter suppression. While the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act will protect the right to vote, which is absolutely crucial as state legislatures across the country are creating new barriers to voting, the For the People Act will also move the ball forward by creating new national standards that expands the freedom to vote and makes our elections more accessible. Without the For the People Act, the Voting Rights Act would only combat current voter suppression efforts.[2]

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Write Letters to the Editor. Keep sounding the alarm about voter suppression, gerrymandering, and dark money in politics. Letters to your local paper is a great way of advocating for major reforms and shaping public opinion. Learn more here.

Make Calls with Common Cause. Start calling voters in West Virginia and Arizona and connecting them to their Senators to support the For the People Act (S1) and eliminate the filibuster. Training provided. These zoom phonebanks are hosted by Common Cause to demand bold changes to our democracy to create a government that represents all of us, not big corporations or special interests!
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