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Every year, State legislators say that they do not have enough power in the state budget process, and the Governor has too much power. I completely agree: Governor Cuomo’s austerity decisions have led us into crisis. It’s time for the legislature to re-balance the budgetary powers, which is why I’m urging [Insert Elected Name] to support the passage of the Budget Equity Act (S8198/A9100). As my representative, it’s imperative you fight to represent me in the budget process! Is [insert elected name] a co-sponsor of the bill?

If they are not a co-sponsor: Can I count on [insert elected name] to sign on as a co-sponsor today?

If they are a co-sponsor: Great! I’m so glad [insert elected name here] is a supporter. Can I count on them to fight for the passage of these bill?

Social Media Scripts:

Checks and balances are fundamental to our democracy. For too long, the budget process in NY State has been lopsided, giving the Executive virtually unlimited power. The @NYSenDems & @NYSA_Majority must pass the Budget Equity Act! Call now: #BudgetJusticeThe Governor has far too much power in our budget process and is hell bent on cutting funding for critical social services. It’s time to balance the budget powers. Our state legislature must act! @(tag your elected) will you fight to pass the Budget Equity Act (S8198/A9100)?

Background: Prior to COVID-19, New York State ranked the worst in inequality of any state in the nation with harsh racial disparities in education, healthcare, housing, and jobs.

And the pandemic has only made it worse. New York has lost more than 2 million jobs already and State budget cuts will eliminate 250,000 more and decimate the essential services our communities need. Local, municipal governments and nonprofits across the state are already seeing their funding withheld; additional, deeper cuts to K-12 and Higher Education, Healthcare, Housing, and other Public Services are being teed up as the only option to deal with our state’s budget deficit.

Meanwhile, much of the 1% are gaining wealth and income during the pandemic. New York State now has 118 billionaires (up from 112 last year) and during the pandemic, their wealth has increased on average ~10%.

We need our State Legislature to act and we need them to act now; before it’s too late!

List of Demands:

(1) Pass the Fund Our Future legislative package  to avoid +$10 billion dollars in budget cuts. Package includes:

  • Ultra-millionaires Tax (S.8164 / A.10364): Tax increases on those earning above $5 million, $10 million and $100 million per year

  • Billionaires Tax (S.8277 / A.10414): Outlaws unjust tax shelters to make billionaires pay income tax

  • Pied-a-terre Tax (S.44 / AA.4550): Sliding-scale tax on non-primary residences worth over five million dollars

  • Stock Transfer Tax (S.6203 / A.7791): Repeals rebate of .25% state sales tax on stock trades

  • Stock Buyback Tax (S.7629 / A.9748): New .5% sales tax on stock buybacks

  • Mezzanine Debt / Preferred Equity Tax (S.7231 / A.9041): Fee on mezzanine debt and preferred equity financing equal to mortgage recording tax

(2) Invest new revenue into addressing the systemic and accelerating inequities in our K-12 and Higher Education, Healthcare, Housing, and other Public Services as well as solutions to tackle growing crises like Climate Change and our crumbling Democracy.

(3) Pass the Budget Equity Act to amend Article VII of the New York State Constitution to give the legislature equal powers to the governor in the annual budget process. The elected legislature should be accountable for the funding future of our communities.

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