Yesterday, allegations of violent abuse against immigrants at an ICE detention center in Georgia emerged, providing information that would have gone unpunished had a brave whistleblower not come forward. The details of the “jarring medical neglect” within Irwin are horrifying: beyond refusing to test and treat patients for coronavirus, the complaint details stories of a doctor performing hysterectomies on detained women, effectively sterilizing them, with little to no explanation.

1. Call Rep. Delgado and Sens. Schumer & Gillibrand:

I urge you to publicly call for an immediate on-the-ground investigation by the Office of Inspector General, and to be loud and unapologetic since the OIG has said ICE detention facilities are too unsafe for them to enter, and to publicly call for the immediate closure of the Irwin Detention Center. Period.

2. For Rep. Delgado:

When the House votes on the continuing resolution next week, you must REJECT the request for extra money for US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). Remember: the Department of Homeland Security still has the ability to move money around, so ALL the pieces of the anti-immigrant enforcement machine are linked.

3. You can also tweet these demands. Click here for tweet templates

4. Consider making a donation to the organizations on the ground providing direct relief to immigrants and families who’ve been impacted by ICE and CBP. Project South and the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights are working to represent those who have been harmed and end the system of detention that enables these atrocities. If you’re able, donate to support their work directly using the links above, and keep reading for more context about the long history of these practices.

Background on Irwin Detention Center
Based on the account of a former nurse at the facility, Project South (along with other non-profit organizations) launched a formal complaint to the Office of the Inspector General. For context, Irwin Detention Center is operated by a for-profit provider, LaSalle Corrections, meaning they’re incentivized by maximizing profits rather than providing appropriate care. Language barriers made immigrant women all the more vulnerable to abuse, as some medical staff allegedly relied on unofficial forms of communication rather than use the official language line provided. These horrifying new allegations follow years of carefully documented medical neglect within immigration detention and a long history of forced and coerced sterilization of people of color.
Long History of Eugenics
Eugenics was considered a serious science for most of American history and has been used to justify the systemic sterilization of Black, brown, and people with disabilities since our founding. Eugenic thinking is driven by strict hierarchies of race, class, sex, religion, and physical ability — manifesting as the basis of dangerous racist, sexist, and ableist policies.
In reality, the dark history of eugenics isn’t so distant. Here are a few examples from the last century:
The history of eugenics is long and difficult to recount, meaning cases like these (and the many others we haven’t mentioned) often go unnoticed and unchallenged. To allow these practices to persist is to ignore a quiet form of ethnic cleansing within our borders — tell our members of Congress you won’t stand for it!
[Modified from the Indivisible Guide.]

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