The U.S. House is currently putting together the next COVID-19 relief bill. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell does not want to create any further relief packages, much less this one. As such, the House bill must be bold and must insure that funding go directly to the people that need it most.

We’ll be doing more calls to action with emails and tweets during lockdown, and ask you to send this email to Rep. Delgado:

Dear Congressman Delgado,

I am a constituent, residing at: [your location will go here].

The Trump administration’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic has not done nearly enough to help working people. We are calling on you to take the People’s Agenda pledge, which must:

  1. Keep people on payrolls: Stop mass layoffs, and preserve employment relationships for all businesses, including small businesses. Ensure federal dollars go to workers and small businesses, not enriching CEOs and Wall Street.

  2. Support important local services: Support police, first responders, and teachers by direct aid to state and local governments whose budgets have been ravaged by COVID-19 revenue losses.

  3. Provide financial relief: Expand direct aid for all citizens and residents, including monthly cash assistance, increased food aid, debt relief, and eviction protections.

  4. Protect public health: Full health coverage for all COVID-19 care and protections for all frontline workers and recognize their sacrifice through hazard pay.

  5. Defend elections: Enact a vote-by-mail requirement for 2020 federal elections while maintaining access to in-person voting for those who do not have access to mail voting.

Democrats must ensure the next package provides relief to every person in this country, regardless of tax or immigration status, age or disability. I urge you to vote against the next coronavirus relief package (COVID 4) if it is not a true People’s Agenda for relief.

Thank you.

Or send Rep. Delgado a tweet using this handy interface.

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