#Endtheshutdown rally in Albany-1/25/19

IndivisbleNY19 joined forces with Labor Unions to make our voices heard about the Trump shutdown and the impact it has on federal workers and citizens across the nation.

– Trump caved. The government will reopen through February 15, and it will do so without Democrats having given Trump any additional money for the wall or other part of his anti-immigrant agenda.

– We could be back in the same place in three weeks. Part of this deal is that Congress will negotiate, through a conference committee, a final funding package for the Department of Homeland Security. If they can’t reach an agreement by Feb. 15, we could get another shutdown – or Trump could declare a national emergency in order to build his wall.

– This win happened because of the power progressives have built over the last two years. Winning the House gave Democrats a stronger negotiating hand. The actions and calls you all helped them to stay strong under pressure. This easily could have gone the other direction without all the work of committed activists over the last 2+ years.

– But the fight isn’t over. We still need to make sure the conference committee doesn’t cut a bad deal, which means we’ll need to keep up the pressure. We’ll continue to keep folks updated on what’s happening in DC as things develop.

Hudson Mohawk Magazine Roaming Labor Correspondent Willie Terry attended the “Protest the Shutdown Rally” in support of furloughed and unpaid federal government workers at the Leo O’Brien Federal Building in downtown Albany on Friday, January 25th. In this segment, he interviewed labor leaders Herb Hennings, Mark Emanation and John Flanders about labor views on the shutdown.¬† Listen to the interview here.

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