The most important thing that we can do before February 15 is to make sure that our MoCs continue to hear the message that Trump’s demands are unacceptable. Trump will continue to demand $6 billion for his wall and extreme changes to our immigration system. And, he’ll continue to threaten us with a shutdown or a phony declaration of a national emergency. Make sure our MoCs know you want to keep the government open, but that you want Congress to reject Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda

The ask for Senators Schumer & Gillibrand: THANK YOU! And keep it up. The government reopened with no new funding for the wall, and we should thank Democrats (minus Joe Manchin) for keeping strong to make sure that happened. But the fight isn’t over yet. We need to also tell them to support a conference agreement that has no new funding for the wall.

[Edited from the Indivisible Guide]

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