Shameless borrow from Pod Save America’s “How to Increase Voter Turnout” quiz:

A. What is the single best way to turnout voters?

  1. Twitter
  2. Door to door contact with live voters
  3. Russian operatives
  4. Wear sweatpants with “Resist” on the bottom

B. When campaigns don’t have enough volunteers to make phone calls, what do they most frequently resort to using?

  1. Mailers
  2. Carrier pigeons
  3. Robo-calls
  4. Chain letters

C. Which of these is NOT a scientifically proven messaging technique to turnout voters?

  1. Asking voters if they have a plan to vote on Election Day (the “self prophecy” effect)
  2. Social pressure (“a high turnout is expected”)
  3. Appeal to virtue of character (“how important is it for you to be a voter in this election”?)
  4. Repeat the words “civic duty” multiple times

D. If you’ve donated a ton of money to help fund your candidate’s TV ads, why should you still do voter outreach?

  1. There’s little evidence that TV ads work unless right before the election (and to make a lot of consultants rich)
  2. If you’ve got the time to watch “The Great British Baking Show”, you’ve got the time to hit the streets
  3. You can’t rely on others to be the boots on the ground
  4. You will meet the love of your life at a door

A. (2)
B. (3) although research shows only 1 out of 900 calls turn out a voter, bd 25x more effective.
C. (4)
D. all the above

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