And now the real work to Flip the House begins!

Congratulations to Antonio Delgado for a great win in Tuesday’s Primary!!  The real work begins now! Replacing one Republican seat in the House (NY19) is the most impactful action we can take to stop the actions of this administration.  

Our first action is to join NY19VOTES in a Day of Action! 

Sunday, July 15th we will be joining NY19Votes talking to left leaning voters to ensure they know we will need their vote to make the difference to #FlipNY19.  NY19 is a winnable race, but no one can sit out this November, we will need every vote.  Starting at noon we will talk to voters that don’t vote every year.  The canvass will be followed by a Rally in New Paltz with our great candidates plus guest Ezra Levin, Co-Founder of Indivisible!

SIGN UP HERE to join NY19VOTES at a location near you.

As always with NY19VOTES, there will be training and new canvassers will be paired with experienced canvassers. YES, we do need drivers and help at the base stations for those that won’t be able to canvass!
There are 19 short weeks left, so if you were hoping to give some help to flipping the house — now is the time! Bring your friends!

Oppose Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee: 

On Wednesday, Justice Kennedy announced he would retire from the Supreme Court.  The GOP leaders are working hard to ensure Trump’s pick has the votes.  We know if Trump gets his appointment, we will see attack after attack in the courts to undo decades of legal progress. We have a (narrow) path to stopping Trump’s nomination: all Democrats must reject any nomination and two Republicans must join them (read the strategy here by Indivisible).
Like the fight for healthcare, the goal is to
use local public events to get facetime with Senators while they’re home for the 4th of July. The ask for ALL Senators is the same: they must commit immediately to opposing anyone that Trump nominates from his shortlist.  Call Gillibrand!

New Yorkers have a very important role: we need to pressure Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to hold Democrats together.  If you can’t make Senator Chuck Schumer’s Brooklyn town hall TODAY at 6:30pm then call Schumer’s office and/or flood his office with letters, faxes and emails… he needs this show of support to make this happen!

End Family Detention: 

Thanks to all of you who joined the Faso Friday protest and/or one of the 700 events nationwide to #endfamilydetention.  The House and Senate are on recess, watch the IndivisibleNY19 facebook page for updates to pressure Faso.
For those that can make it — join
Senator Chuck Schumer’s Brooklyn town hall TODAY at 6:30pm.
Keep calling and writing Faso and our Senators to end family detention – asylum seekers are not criminals. script to block detention of migrant families.

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