The #BlueWave continues!  Although we did not see all of the wins we hoped for on April 24th, the great showing… including coming back from a 23 point win for Trump to a few hundred vote gap in NY-102…  put Democrats on the map for this November.  Let’s build on this momentum! 

FlipNY19 and “Know your Stuff” for 2018 Elections

If you have not engaged for the 2018 elections… Join Us!  From now until the primary on June 26, there is much to be done. They include working on a NY19 Candidate campaign and/or growing our base with conversations with Democrats and independents in our area.   Thanks to the many volunteers talking to neighbors or helping behind the scenes!  We could use a few more volunteers –  contact ny19votes or your local action group.  This on the ground work and voter to voter conversations are the most powerful to get out the vote in November.

If you are already volunteering, stay current with who’s who in all 2018 races, why John Faso’s votes are bad for NY19 voters and updates on the candidates with NYSpotlight19 (the podcasts are here).  Watch or share this recent video of the Radio Kingston Forum on all 7 candidates.


Thanks to all for calls and letters on Pompeo, it was close. Now that he is confirmed as Secretary of State, we have to move our attention to the terrible choice of Gina Haspel for CIA.  Haspel carried out torture and destroyed the evidence. She is completely unqualified to lead the CIA — call our Senators this week to vote NO on Haspel for CIA

Congress will return from recess on May 7th and in the coming days will hold a vote to protect Net Neutrality.  You will remember that the FCC voted to roll back net neutrality protections last December – call and tell our Senators and Faso to co-sponsor Senator Markey’s and Rep Doyle’s resolution to save net neutrality!

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