On June 27, Senator McConnell announced that he is delaying a vote on TrumpCare until after the July 4 recess. This is a major blow to TrumpCare, and it would not have happened without the constituent pressure that we’ve seen all across the country. But delay does not mean the bill is dead; it means this recess will determine whether the bill dies once and for all or lives to see another day.

Calls to action while MoC’s are back in-district (Senate recess thru July 7th; House recess thru July 10th):

Sens. Schumer & Gillibrand: Thank you for standing strong and utilizing procedural delay tactics. The AHCA must never see the light of day.

Rep. Faso: If the bill passes the Senate, the fate of our national health will be in in your hands. Here’s my personal story and how the AHCA (TrumpCare, WealthCare, anything BUT HealthCare) will adversely affect me, my family, my community…..

Background from the Indivisible Guide.

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