Just now, the Senate reached a tentative deal on the third coronavirus package that will provide economic support for workers and families.

There’s some good news: Senate Democrats stuck together and worked hard to improve upon the pro-corporate, anti-worker bill that the Republicans drafted. They made some important changes including providing support to small businesses, additional money to hospitals, a one-time stimulus checkto some taxpayers, and four months of unemployment insurance to those affected by COVID-19.

Unfortunately, the bill still leaves critical relief on the table — including (but definitely not limited to) expanded sick leave, recurring direct cash assistance, support for front-line workers, and expanded Medicaid funding. Until these weaknesses are addressed, many workers and families will struggle to put food on the table, to pay their rent or to find a job. This deal falls well short of what we need in this moment of crisis.

Still, this bill is better than nothing. So rather than holding it up in the Senate, we’re asking you to join us in calling on the House to make significant changes to the bill before they pass it. The Senate bill is now the floor for these negotiations. It’s time for Speaker Pelosi to show us the ceiling.

Call to Action:

Call your Rep. Delgado and demand that the House make critical changes to the Senate’s bill before voting. Click here to read about the changes we’re requesting, review the script, and call now.

If you can’t call or if you can’t get through when you try, click here to send an email with the same message.

The good news is that we can still make an impact — this is why we worked so hard to take back the House in 2018 — to make sure that Democrats have more of a say and that our government is putting people over profits.

[From the Indivisible Team]

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