CALL IN SUPPORT OF THE ULTRA MILLIONAIRES TAX IN NY STATE (new tax brackets for those making over $5-, 10-, and 100- million/year)!

The Assembly’s budget lived up to expectations on the funding side for critical items like Public Education Funding/CFE and included revenue to match. But they remain weak on Public Financing/Small Donor Match.

The Senate went slightly further in supporting Public Financing and included similar funding for education as the Assembly, but by leaving the Ultra Millionaires Tax out, they’ve increased the likelihood that they will have to make cuts somewhere and jeopardize crucial legislation we’ve fought so hard to win.

So, today’s statewide call to action is to call Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins (Phone: (518) 455-2585) and urge her to do what’s politically popular and truly necessary to fund their budget or risk losing funding for the issues they got elected on (education, democracy reform, etc.)!

Thank you!

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