From Indivisible:

From caging children and families at the border and refusing them access to basic necessities like showers and toothbrushes to attempting to illegally block asylum, this administration has focused its resources on maximizing trauma on immigrant communities. Fueled by racism, hatred, and fear, the Trump administration has continued to pursue these unpopular and harmful policies, and Congress has continued to fund each and every one.

Congress has appropriated billions of dollars for immigration enforcement with almost no restrictions, giving Trump a blank check to attack immigrants. In fact, just a few weeks ago, 129 Democrats (yes, Democrats) voted to pass a bill to give Donald Trump billions more for detention and enforcement, including millions of additional funding for ICE, with no oversight, guardrails, or safeguards. The bill was approved with majority Republican support. 

What Trump has demonstrated time and time again is that he will use every dollar he can to detain, separate, and deport families. Instead of using its power of the purse to put a stop to the abuses, Congress has chosen to give Trump more resources. That makes them complicit.

If you’re outraged about Trump’s attacks on immigrants, the most effective way to fight back is to demand cuts to DHS funding.

The Ask:   Congress needs to pass another government spending bill by September 30th. Call Rep. Delgado and Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand, and urge them to push for cuts to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and install strict guardrails to ensure that money isn’t misused.

We need to provide positive reinforcement to neutralize any second-thoughts they might have when more conservative Democrats such as those in the “Problem Solvers Caucus” attempt to cut a bad deal with Republicans.

Possible Outcomes:

Congress has two main options:  Pass a regular order appropriations bill that funds the government for the year, or buy more time to settle the final deal by passing a short-term spending bill called a continuing resolution (CR).

A CR is supposed to maintain the status quo while Congress negotiates, but we’ve seen ICE and CBP try to do sneaky things in a CR before, so we have to be vigilant!

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