Let’s first remind ourselves how much action groups and Indivisibles have accomplished in the first year of this grassroots collective movement.
Across the states, constituent action has forced more than a dozen high-profile, safe Republicans to retire. Our efforts defeated the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Twice. We’ve supported progressives up and down the ballot. And we’ve won (and even where we didn’t, we’ve registered new voters and built our outreach efforts for the races ahead).
In 2018, we won’t just fight to resist Faso and the Trump agenda, we’re going on the offensive. The midterm elections are ours to win.  We will elect representatives who listens and acts with their constituents wellbeing in mind.  We will send Faso packing!  Up and down the ballot, 2018 is important… from local, to state, to Congress and the Senate, we will support and elect progressive representatives.
In 2018 we’re aiming even higher, and that work has already started.  Indivisibles, NY19VOTES, your local Democratic Committee, and allied organizations are gearing up to work together to replace John Faso in NY19 and other GOP (and IDC) electeds in the NY State Senate. The midterm elections give us the best chance of stopping the Trump agenda dead in its tracks. If we take back the House, Democrats can hold serious investigations into the Trump Administration’s corruption. If we take back the Senate, we can stop Trump’s unqualified, extremist judicial nominations from receiving lifetime appointments. And winning back governorships and state houses will not only give us the chance to pass progressive policies, but also prevent extreme gerrymandering in 2020.

(a modified message from Susan Jaworski of Olive Action and Indivisible.org)

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