Truly, there is “no rest for the weary”.  But we’re all in this together.

This week’s top national priorities:

Local Actions:

  • Be prepared if Trump fires Dep. Attorney General Rosenstein.  (1) Sign up for a local mobilization event to receive rapid response alerts. (2) Study up on Indivisible’s instructions on how our Senators can HOLD UP all Senate proceedings by denying all unanimous consent requests, and VOTE DOWN all Trump nominations, until Trump is held accountable. House members must commit to support obstruction of justice hearings as Step One of impeachment proceedings.

  • Keep Marching with Our Pens. Help activate youth voters with NY19Votes’ Postcards campaign.

  • April 24th special elections are around the corner. Help build our blue wave by helping Aidan O’Connor flip State Assembly District 102.



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