Given all that is going on, this week let’s start with small victories.  Here are a few victories we can take to heart to motivate our continued actions and resistance…
  1. 70% of people support stricter gun laws—up from 52% just four months ago—which is why we’re not surprised more corporations are cutting ties and changing their policies on guns this week.  ThinkProgress keeps us up to on companies actions, both good:  MetLife, Walmart, Chubb, Dick’s Sporting goods, And more  And needs improvement Apple, Amazon, and Fedex.
  2. The Supreme Court declined to hear a case about whether or not Trump can put an end to the DACA program, which means that for now the program will stay in place. But that didn’t stop these activists and these undocumented marchers from speaking out about the need for a clean Dream Act now. #YesNowPlease.  Here is an Indivisible resource on how to be an immigrant ally.
  3. A ruling by New York’s federal court this week protected gay workers’ rights under the civil rights act of 1964.

This week we need everyone on the phone (Monday and Tuesday) to Schumer’s office with respect to a rollback of Dodd Frank (S.2155).  I was told on my call this morning Senator Schumer will oppose, BUT as Senate Minority Leader we need his leadership to keep Democrats from voting for this terrible “Bank Lobbyist Act” (S.2155).

Later this week, we will add an action to stop the unauthorized war in Yemen.  Our support for the students will continue with their #Enough campaign, and our focus on Faso’s poor history of voting for our safety.  If you haven’t yet engaged with NY19Votes to #FlipNY19, there are many actions that you can help with. Get involved.

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