When the Senate returns from recess, these confirmations will be waiting.

In the recent shake up Trump appointed a war criminal to lead the CIA. Rex Tillerson is out at the State Department. He’s being replaced by Mike Pompeo, who until now has been Trump’s head of the CIA. That leaves an open position to lead the spy agency – and Trump has given it to Gina Haspel.

Gina Haspel personally helped torture detainees in a secret CIA-run prison in Thailand during the Bush administration. She oversaw brutal treatment of detainees, and then made sure the video evidence was destroyed. She even wrote out instructions to use industry-strength shredders to demolish the tapes, and advocated burning the entire site to the ground. Trump wants to bring torture back, and he just hired someone who could help him do it.

We can block Gina Haspel’s confirmation.  We expect that Republican senators McCain and Paul will oppose her confirmation, meaning that if Democrats stick together, they can block her confirmation.

If Pompeo is confirmed to be our top diplomat, he will help export Trumpism internationally. Mike Pompeo has displayed anti-Muslim bigotry, spouted dangerous warmongering, opposed diplomacy with Iran, and denied climate change poses a national security threat.

We are all less safe if Pompeo and Haspel are confirmed.

Make sure that Schumer and Gillibrand hear from you that you expect them to vote against Haspel for CIA Director and Pompeo for Sec of State. Please note that while Sen. Gillibrand voted against Mike Pompeo’s appointment as CIA Director, Sen. Schumer voted for him, so Schumer needs an added push this time around.

CALL SCRIPT to oppose Gina Haspel

Caller:  Hello! My name is [name] and I’m calling from [town, zip].

I’m calling to ask Senator [  ] to oppose the nomination of Gina Haspel as head of the CIA. I want Senator [name] to immediately and publicly commit to opposing this nomination. Gina Haspel carried out torture and destroyed the evidence. She is completely unqualified to lead the CIA. Will Senator [name] oppose her?

I’d like to see Senator [name] publicly urge [his/her] colleagues to also oppose Haspel’s nomination.

CALL SCRIPT to oppose Mike Pompeo

Caller:  Hello! My name is [name] and I’m calling from [town, zip].

I’m calling because I totally oppose the nomination of Mike Pompeo to serve as Secretary of State. He denies climate science, is a war hawk, and an Islamophobe. I’m concerned he will export Trumpism all over the world if he becomes our top diplomat. Will Senator [name] be voting “no” on his confirmation?

I’d like to see Senator [name] publicly urge [his/her] colleagues to also oppose Pompeo’s nomination.

Read more at:  https://www.indivisible.org/resource/march-recess-2018/#Cabinet

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