There are 47,170 DACA recipients in New York alone, and each year they contribute $140,035,000 in State and local taxes. Without legal protections, they are being deported to countries that are foreign to them.
With a potential government shutdown less than two weeks away, congressional leaders and the White House will meet this week to discuss ways to end an impasse over the legal status of young immigrants, which has become a primary obstacle to a spending deal.

Republicans will need Democratic votes in order to pass a new bill to fund the government and keep it open (9 Democrats in the Senate and possibly some in the House!), so Democrats have even more leverage than they did a month ago. It’s crucial that Democrats use that leverage to vote down the bill if it doesn’t include a clean Dream Act to protect the 800,000 young Americans whose lives the president threw into turmoil last year by rescinding DACA. In December, 30 Senate Democrats voted to protect Dreamers, but we need more to fight for Dreamers this week.
1. Urge Rep. Faso to stand up to Trump’s hateful decision and secure the futures of all DREAMers with a legislative fix: The DREAM Act. (845) 514-2322 DC (202) 225-5614
Online Emails:
2.  Thank Sen. Schumer for voting against last month’s continuing resolution, but as Senate Minority Leader, to push harder for any CRs that lack DREAMer protections.
(914) 734-1532 DC: (202) 224-6542
Online Emails:
“Democrats have done a poor job of playing hardball. They said for three months they would use their leverage in December to get this done, and that didn’t happen.”
The time is now. Go to and tell your Members of Congress that we need a clean #DreamActNow!
[Edited content from Susan Jaworski and the Indivisible Guide.]

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