The Senate will soon debate and vote on an American war. Specifically, it will take up a bipartisan resolution (S.J.Res. 54) to end U.S. participation in the Yemen civil war.  The United States’ role in the Yemen war is complicated and controversial. Importantly, it also hasn’t been authorized by Congress.

For too long, Congress has ceded its war powers to the executive branch. That’s always been a dangerous trend—but it’s especially perilous now that Donald Trump is the commander-in-chief.

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I’m calling about the joint resolution introduced by Senators Lee and Sanders to end our unauthorized war in Yemen. Congress has never authorized this war, and evidence shows that the airstrikes the U.S. is supporting are causing a humanitarian crisis and may amount to war crimes. The chaos has allowed terror groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda affiliates to gain more power and land.  It is essential for Senator [name] to support this resolution and to exercise Congress’ constitutional power and end this unauthorized war.

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