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Press Release
March 27, 2018
Chris Tallent
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MAYDAY America


Cleanup Carl joins activists to protest egregious “pay-to-play” fundraiser in NY

ALBANY, NY – On Tuesday March 27, as Congressional representatives John Faso (NY19) & Elise Stefanik (NY21) entertained billionaires & lobbyists at the exclusive Ft. Orange Club in Albany in secret, activists with Cleanup Carl (a 12 ft tall superhero for democracy who wears a bright-yellow hazmat suit because big campaign cash is toxic!) joined nearly forty angry constituents from Newburgh to Lake George outside to seek answers from their “Representatives.”

Angry constituents demanded Faso and Stefanik stop meeting in secret with their big donors and start holding town hall events that are accessible to the public. 

Constituents staked out the entrance to the Fort Orange Club to send a message to the Congresspeople: We’re watching you.

Cleanup Carl joined the protest Tuesday night to demand that Representatives John Faso and Elise Stefanik hold actual town halls rather than conducting “pay-to-play” fundraisers. Through his spokesperson Chris Tallent, Carl said:

“Democracy is not found in the Fort Orange Club, democracy is found in town halls, in rallies, in the processes of government by the people. What Representatives Faso and Stefanik have failed to remember is that they are accountable to the people whom they represent – not to the people they think will fund their future campaigns.

I stand with these New Yorkers today to demand that Faso and Stefanik do their job, that they come and justify the votes they are making in Congress, and that they come and answer to their constituents.”

Campaign donations was a central theme of the event: protesters condemned Faso and Stefanik for being open and accesssible to their donors while ignoring the needs of their constituents. 

Protesters wore hazmat suits to call attention to the presence of big donors’ campaign cash that is contaminating the democratic process.  

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Cleanup Carl is a project of MAYDAY America, a national grassroots organization dedicated to combating the power of money in politics and building a democracy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and powerful.

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Chris Tallent
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