Call Faso and ask him to stand up to the moral decay in this administration.

The US, in a UN World Health Assembly forum, sided with the makers of baby formula over breastfeeding and babies health when Ecuador introduced the resolution.  The US then bullied Ecuador into dropping the resolution. This opened the door for Russia to lead the moral high ground for the world, putting babies health over profits and introducing the resolution for a vote.  (NYTimes)

The US must not condone the use of lies to make a buck. Please speak out and support people (i.e. babies) over corporate profits.



Caller:  Hello! My name is [name] and I’m calling from [town, zip].

I’m calling today to ask Rep Faso to stand up against the moral decay in this administration.  The recent action with the US siding with makers of baby formula, over breastfeeding and babies health, is disturbing.  This behavior of the administration, condoning lying to make a buck, must stop.  Will Representative Faso speak out to ensure people …in this case babies …come before corporate profits.

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