Review Federal Regulations for Repeal – Vote Passed (240-185, 4 Not Voting)
The measure would establish a commission to review existing federal regulations and identify those that should be repealed in order to reduce costs on the U.S. economy — including those that should be repealed immediately and those that should be repealed over time through a new regulatory “cut-go” system under which agencies could not issue new rules unless the cost of a new rule was offset by repealing existing rules identified by the commission.
Rep. John Faso voted YES

OMB Regulatory Oversight – Vote Passed (241-184, 4 Not Voting)
The bill would require proposed rules by federal departments and agencies, including independent agencies, to be reviewed by the Office of Management and Budget’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), and it would direct OIRA to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of significant regulatory actions and to ensure that proposed rules are consistent with applicable law and that regulations do not conflict.
Rep. John Faso voted YES

Disapprove OSHA Record-Keeping Rule – Vote Passed (231-191, 7 Not Voting)
The joint resolution would disapprove the rule issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) on Dec. 19, 2016, that extends to five years the period for which OSHA can cite an employer for failing to officially record a workplace injury or illness.
Rep. John Faso voted YES

Disclose Agency Rule-Making Communications – Vote Passed (246-176, 7 Not Voting)
The bill would require each federal agency to maintain an online searchable list of its regulatory actions and all public communications it makes regarding those regulatory actions. It also would prohibit agencies from soliciting support for, or promoting, its regulatory actions.
Rep. John Faso voted YES

Fiscal 2017 Defense Appropriations – Vote Passed (371-48, 10 Not Voting)
The legislation would provide full-year appropriations for Defense Department programs and activities for fiscal 2017, providing $577.9 billion in discretionary spending, $5.2 billion more than fiscal 2016. It would include $516.1 billion subject to spending caps for fiscal 2017 and $61.8 billion in uncapped Overseas Contingency Operations war and anti-terror funding.
Rep. John Faso voted YES

Class Action Litigation – Vote Passed (220-201, 1 Present, 7 Not Voting)
The bill would prohibit federal courts from certifying proposed classes of individuals for a class-action lawsuit unless each member of the class has suffered the same type and degree of injury, and it would require quarterly reports by asbestos trusts of claims made against the trusts and any payouts made by the trusts for asbestos-related injuries.
Rep. John Faso voted NO

Civil Litigation Jurisdiction – Vote Passed (224-194, 11 Not Voting)
The bill would establish national standards under which federal courts, when considering whether to remand back to state court a lawsuit against an out-of-state entity, must deny that motion and have the case decided in federal court because it determines that an in-state co-defendant should not have been joined to the case.
Rep. John Faso voted YES

Penalties for Frivolous Lawsuits – Vote Passed (230-188, 11 Not Voting)
The bill would modify federal rules governing civil lawsuits to require federal courts to impose sanctions on parties that violate the existing prohibition on the filing of frivolous lawsuits, with such sanctions to include monetary penalties to cover the other party’s attorneys’ fees and other costs.
Rep. John Faso voted YES

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